Where is the Park located?
Event Location:
Battleship Park
1 Battleship Road NE
Wilmington NC 28401

How do I contact Pawz in Park?
Company Contact:  pawzinpark@gmail.com

How much does it cost?
$5 – yep that’s it

May I bring my 4 legged friends?
Yes!  But all animals will need to be leashed at all times.  And remember to pick up after your furry friends as well!

May I bring my 2 legged friends?
Yes! Children of all ages are welcome but please remember friendly animal rules.  No pulling tails, no sneak attacks and be mindful of face to face contact.  And remember to always ask first before you pet a furry friend.

May I volunteer?
Well heck yeah!  We love all volunteers!  Please email Catherine Clement @ yogastarfish77@gmail.com.

What IS allowed at the Park?

  • Folding chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Blankets
  • Large bags to carry blankets (subject to search)
  • Pets

What IS NOT allowed at the Park?

  • Outside food or beverages
  • Tents
  • Coolers
  • Weapons
  • No shock or bark collars on animals

Interested in being a sponsor?
Come on the more the merrier!  Email jenniferb@colonialmarketing.com

Interesting in being a vendor?
Patricia Prentiss  @ patricia.prentiss@yahoo.com

Interesting in being a food vendor or a participating band?
Catherine Clement  @ yogastarfish77@gmail.com

Are you a animal rescue group that is 501c3 and would like to join?
Email Marcus @ marcus.williford@gmail.com

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